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I Remember the Rain review

A review of a little art game about a fellow whose wife dies.  Yes, I was able to get through it.  Ambitious with some lovely music and art, but the narrative itself uses a bit too much cliche for my liking (wife lives on in his memories, all that).  Still, free and definitely worth a look.

I Remember The Rain

Toybox Racer review

Quick little review of a quick little game.  A bit no frills but amusing.


Dragon Assault

Thrilled to death to be working on this– along with several fellow WotF’ers like Paula Stiles, Nick Tchan, David Carani and our illustrious editor Jordan Ellinger!

August 5th

Symbiant Studios is proud to announce that we’ve brought three more award winning writers on board. @David Parish-Whittaker, Paula R. Stiles, and Nick Tchan will be writing novelettes set in the Dragon Assault universe, which will be available to purchase in-game and through online outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble .

1889 Season Pass

From Andy Frankham-Allen, editor for the Space 1889 series:

We’ve noticed a few people asking if we’d be doing a season-pass for the second series of Space: 1889 & Beyond. Originally the answer was ‘no’, due to the initial behind-the-scenes chaos with getting the series together. However, we’ve found a way to change that. And so, we’re very pleased to announce that ‘yes!’ we are now doing a season-pass. But there is a catch!

It’s a good one, mind.

The season-pass is only available until August 15th – so if you fancy saving £3.20 ($5) off the entire second series, then run along now and pick up the season-pass for only £10.87 ($17). Yes, that’s just over a tenner for six books! Who can pass up such a deal? But hurry, this only lasts for two weeks.

Available at the Untreed Reads store here