David Parish-Whittaker (aka T. R. Pippin) is a winner of the Writers of the Future competition for emerging talent in speculative fiction, for his story A Warbird in the Belly of the Mouse. He pays for his dog’s kibble as a captain for a national airline. In previous incarnations, he has been a naval flight officer, traffic watch pilot, glider tow pilot and aerobatic flight instructor.
A graduate of the Pixelyard School of Art for game design, he writes videogame reviews and analysis for the Geekosophy blog. He also is a staff blogger at the CMOsite.  He is currently shopping Pigeons and Poise, a middlegrade Victorian fantasy novel.
In his off time, David plays medieval harp for the Goliards, an early music group specializing in 13th – 15th century music, mostly to cement his geek street cred.